Additive Manufacturing Workflow Integration

While some people think 3D Printing is as simple as creating a CAD Model, Sending it to the printer and once its finished putting it to use on its required application. Within a manufacturing environment where quality has to be maintained, this is not the case and I believe there are 22 key steps to implement this technology into the current workflow, we call these steps our Business Process Map…

The aim of this map is to highlight the possible issues of implementing 3D printing and the potential ways around the barriers. It is vital to put the right system in place to get employee engagement and to ensure the supply chain is aware of its roles and responsibilities.

The Business Process map identifies the key process steps to help implement 3D Printing technology into manufacturing. This table drives continuous improvement that will encourage creativity and innovation through design thinking for Additive Manufacturing. Implementing change can be daunting but with the correct procedure in place, and having tasks assigned to an employee it can make the process easier. Tasks are assigned to employees and if they are not completed you know who is responsible and who to contact. In order to become a successful business key area within the manufacturing, supply chain constantly need reviewed to help reduce costs. Therefore, I created an BPM (Business Process Management model) that creates a pathway to enable innovators within the manufacturing field maximise their potential with the use of 3D printing.